My husband and I found Stanley on the street 8 years ago. He lived with his grandma. She would put him in school but he wouldn’t go and threw his books in the garbage. He was a street fighter. He started following us everywhere in his long sleeved flannel pajamas that he wore 3 consecutive days until I bathed him and gave him shoes and clothes. Mark said he will be your first orphan in your new place and he was.  We used very tough love.  My husband works in Antarctica while I am here. Last week I emailed him and told him how Stanley made a complete change. When Mark asked what made him change I asked Stanley to do a letter to him. I thank God for filling this 16 year old young man with the Holy Spirit. This one letter makes all my struggles and frustrations in Haiti so worth it. Thank You Heavenly Father!!!!!! I just want to serve You Lord. This is my best Christmas present.

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