The New orphanage is slowly being built! (Spring 2018)

Our first  » cottage » is being built on my new land. The walls are not cement blocks but thick stryofoam walls covered with cement on the inside and outside. This little house is earthquake, hurricane proof and much cooler than cement blocks. The builders are from Port au Prince so they stay at our house and we feed them. They are great with the special needs kids. The cost for one cottage is about $9,500 and we need 5 more and then two small two story houses. God willing we can build this year and finally stop paying rent.

None of this is possible without your help. Our first cottage is Built With Love by The Gym Station and that will be painted above the door.

The bathrooms ( not finished yet)

We have two wells on the new land.  This one you dont need electricity. You hand pump it so if our generator or solar power doesnt work for a while we will always have great water!!

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