Remember Sammy the little boy that the police ?? He laid in St Marc hospital for 6 months. Look at him now. His ETV hydrocephalus surgery was successful and he even talks a little now and knows our names. A miracle child!!!! He can’t walk or sit up on his own but he’s gaining strength. He is the happiest little boy. I wish his parents could see him now.GRACE………


Yesterday I drove Samuel Mark Adams to Port au Prince for his hydrocephalus checkup.

Sammy had ETV surgery instead of a shunt.

I dreaded the drive because it’s so hard driving here and Port au Prince is one huge traffic jam. I dreaded the wait at the hospital because you can literally wait 6-7 hours with many other hydrocephalus children. It’s horrible trying to park at that very crowded hospital. oh this was going to be torture!!

I woke up that morning and asked God for grace. To please change my attitude and help me thru this day. After all I am a child of God and He’ll help me if I trust and ask. I left with a smile on my face thanking and praising Him.

The drive was easy, roads were pretty clear. No where to park but I was allowed to park in Hay Track office lot because I went in their office and asked. The man graciously gave me a spot, informed security and said that is my spot from now on.

Sammy is doing great and can say our names and knows us. The doctor, praise God. knows perfect English and was amazed at his progress and CT scan. No more surgeries and he will continue to get better. He can learn to hold up his head and may even walk one day.

We were out of there by 10:30 am. That never happens!

Yes, I was given Grace by the One who wants to help us but we need to ask and believe. Why can’t I change my attituse everyday??!! I’m working on that.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!!! We have so so much to be thankful for.

Happy blessed first Thanksgiving to my new grandaughter Audrey Eve Hume born 5 weeks early. I cant wait to get home to meet our precious miracle baby.

God bless you all !!


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