The Haiti Solution

The Haiti Solution is about an orphanage in Haiti, and the work that Ann Hume is doing as nurse. Our team (Sharon, Emma, and myself) all wrestle with how do we fit into the solution. After a short time there, we realize that Ann is teaching us to serve, pray, and have fun. The people we encounter transform our lives and help us to see the real answer to Haiti’s issues were these small orphanages. These are the groups that are here to stay.

Produced and Directed by Noah T. Hunter

I am a new filmmaker with my interests in international conflicts and resolutions. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Germany, Bulgaria, Uganda, China and Haiti. These trips have shaped my mind, and allowed me to see the beautiful diversity of this world. My hope is that the films I create will inspire people to ask hard questions, and do something about changing the injustices in world.


A link to a youtube video produced by a group from Indiana that visited Gods Children Haiti Orphanage.

Youtube Link Click Here