Last Saturday Wings of Hope picked Guerlande and I up at Wurtsmith Airforce Base and flew us to Shriners Children Hospital in St Louis MO. I want to thank our pilots and everyone involved in helping us get there!!

Shriners had it all arranged!! We were picked up and takes to the Haven House which is a wonderful place to stay when you’re from out of town and need medical care in St Louis.

Then we were chauffered again Monday morning to Shriners for our appointments. What an amazing place!!!! We had a beautiful room and she was seen and treated by specialists, highly skilled nurses, occupational and physically therapy, radiology and dieticians. She had extensive labwork and everything was paid for by Shriners.

Guerlande loved it there. She received prizes and gifts, went to recreation time with many activities and made new friends. They make it so fun for kids.

We we’re blessed to have her Aunt Jaimie come visit us. Jaimie is adopted from Haiti, lives in Canada and recently found her biological family including her niece Guerlande whom Jaimie dearly loves and Jaimie is a nurse.

Dr. Whyte does research on Guerlande’s disease and she has participated in his research since last year, her first visit. Although there isn’t any cure now they are working on her extremely rare disease.

We were taught so much about it. How to better care for her, what to expect, the importance of monitoring her calcium intake, exercises she needs to do, how we can help her live a better life with her handicaps and things to watch for.

I want to thank everyone involved and our greatest thanks goes to our Heavenly Father who ordained all of this and made it happen. When I get nervous or stressed and Guerlande notices she clears her throat at me and points up reminding me God has His hand in this!

She blesses me more than I could ever bless her. My little angel that never complains or feels sorry for herself. Please pray for her as we must return to Haiti next week. She can return in two years for another visit to Shriners and sooner if she has problems.

Thank you to everyone including ALL of you that support God’s Children Haiti and thank You JESUS!!!!!!

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