January 18, 2016

Abednego is doing much better, has gained weight, developed his eye muscles and is more alert. Shadrach and Meshach are normal. Their mom has been ill and has gone to the clinic twice. I did tell Dad he has to have a plan for his family and said for 6 months we would help him. We paid his rent ($60) to keep his « shack » while he’s staying with us. He runs a very small business charging neighbors cell phones with solar power. Abednego may end up staying with us depending on his parents and if he has development issues. The pediatrician said we won’t know everything until he is two.

I did send Guerlande’s Shriner’s application to Julia, her physician that has been caring for her, so she can do her part. Please pray she gets accepted to Shriners in St Louis where Dr Whyte has done much research on her disease. We had to take the Mom to court to get permission papers notorized.

The Episcopal Church attorney has been on vacation in the states so we still have no legal land description of the property. Our Haitian attorney is very nice and likes the things done by Maureen. I’m blessed to have both of them. She is also my power of attorney regarding this land. I am taking extra luggage because I purchased much needed peanut butter, which is so expensive there, and I have so much other things. One of my close friends made diapers, bought cloth diapers, made clothes, and also bought clothes for the triplets older brother and the Mom.

Dr. Ken Tiojanco, an anesthesiologist from Nebraska, has raised $10,000 since the end of November to cover our rent, which has been raised to $9,000. Joel, the landowner, also has stated he will NOT pay for any repairs needed on the house or yard. Dr. Ken has also updated our website and this was Divine Intervention that we met in November I am sure.

The other kids are doing well. Gideon finally has a new leg and Bidiory needs one more surgery. There are no big groups planned this year yet. I do have a few nurses that have been there twice before that want to return June 3-10.

I ordered 5 solar lights to go on the roof and a big spot light for the security guard. My friends have those lights on their roof and they are so nice, especially since in Haiti it never stays light past 5:30 to 7 pm year around. We have power 3 hours a day, but I get the fans and wifi and one lamp to work off our solar power 24/7 praise God. I just want to stay accountable and keep everyone updated. Please remember to pray for us. Mark (husband) will be coming down the first of March when he’s done working in Antarctica. I really can’t thank of of you enough for all you do. I am so blessed and so are the kids and Evens and our employees.

Love, Ann

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