Abednego got very ill. Mark and I haven’t slept much but finally at hotel and slept 7 hours straight. We brought him to Port Au Prince Wednesday to a beautiful (for Haiti) children’s hospital.  They sent him home (2 hour drive) he got worse. Yesterday we left at 7 am after no sleep and brought him again. He had emergency surgery for incarcerated inguinal hernia. He had to get blood. They thought they might have to remove part of his bowel but they didn’t. This is all so so God that he is alive and I keep thanking HIM!!!

He has two American docs from Ohio and his surgeon is from Italy.  All females. We are so blessed.

We have to stay here one week.  He is in ICU to watch him closely.  I was in many hospitals after the earthquake to get patients for the teams at Pierre Peyen Hospital and this is the best!!  It’s a children’s hospital very close to the US Embassy.

I’m going to ask one of our nannies (originally from port) if she’ll stay with him 8 hours at night so I can sleep at a hotel down the road 99$ a night.

Mark has been with me the whole time helping me with Abednego. He is the best and he gets how much I love this baby.

The crazy Episcopal attorney finally lowered the price of the land to $125,000.  $100,000 is what we should pay since Chuck from nebraska the well digger and repairer paid $50,000 and mine is twice as big.

Guerlande finally got accepted to Shriners!!!! Still working on all of that and the paperwork, visa, passport etc.  Our new gracious VP Sean and his wife Holly will be sponsoring and hosting Guerlande.

I had to buy sheets etc for Abednego .  The hospitals here don’t supply anything…diapers, blankets, etc.

On Wednesday mark and I get home from Port and mom and I are laying down with Abednego and Stanley comes running upstairs and mom and Meshack were riding on a taxi motorcycle cause she took him to the clinic and got in an accident.  I had to rush them to Pierre Peyen Hospital.  Meshack flew out of her arms and landed on the ground. Another God thing!! She broke her leg.  In a cast. Mark brought Abednego to me at that hospital and we got home at 8:30 that night.  🙂

Love, Ann

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