My Mom went to heaven four weeks ago. She named me Ann which means « full of grace. » Grace is mentioned so much in the Bible and it means « unmerited favor. » I wish I could ask her why she choose that name for me and tell her that is me, I get so much unmerited favor from God, so the name fits. Yup…I am so extremely blessed! Thank YOU, JESUS.

Things to pray for:

  1. The new land from the Episcopal Church on the other side of my partner Kwam and his wife Lisa. I do not want to rent this house any longer, and we want to build our own place. I am speaking that it is already ours and that the Episcopal Bishop of Haiti will grant it.
  2. That the Harvard pediatricians will be able to diagnose our little Gerlinde and that they can treat her.
  3. That our license will be granted soon from IBESR (the Haiti social services that also does all adoptions. It is part of the Haitian government.) Our paperwork is in. We just need one last inspection and for them to decide if all the information was done correctly.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers.


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