There are so many things to be thankful for:
  • my new mosquito net  (my other one had holes in it)
  • the three boys in the American school who just made the honor roll
  • my two new fantastic fans
  • my friend from Canada who is buying school desks (benches) for Alix’s class. They currently just sit in junky chairs. We ordered the new benches today!
  • the gifts the Americans brought to us when they visited. The kids adore the cake mixes, sheets, mosquito nets ,bath and body soaps, soccer balls, pens and pencils,  Jiffy peanut butter, koolaid, and so much more!
  • the upcoming groups arriving this month, January, February and March.
  • the Harvard Pediatricians caring for our little Gerlinde (age 5 and only 20 lbs weight.) They are trying to diagnose and treat her or see if we need a medical visa to get her to the States.
  • all the awesome help I have at the orphanage, from the volunteers to our fantastic employees.
  • the help I am getting to finish the adoptions of my three kids and some other children that their American adoptive parents have asked me to help push.
  • for all my kids living here!!
Thank You, JESUS.
Please pray for these upcoming adoptions. I will keep you all posted. It’s very exciting!
God bless,

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