So much is happening here. Everyday there is something going on. A medical team that I worked with for two weeks just left, and more friends came to stay at my house. It was so nice, and they love to hang out with the kids and take them to the beach.
Now a dentist is at the hospital. I help out at with their practice, and they made a house call Saturday and borrowed our dental chair and checked all the kids teeth. Only Lorens (our little boy who cannot speak and has cerebral palsy) needed one baby tooth pulled.
The dentist is coming back Saturday afternoon to help me make molds for four people so that the labs in Michigan can make them teeth. It will be great to have a dentist helping me this time. I do have one mouthpiece with seven teeth that I couldn’t get to fit in a man’s mouth. He showed me how to adjust and fix that. God is so good and always knows just what we need!!!!!!
It is still so humid and warm here but should be much cooler in December and January. I cannot wait.

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