Sunday I spoke at Faith Lutheran Church in Prescott, Michigan and they donated a little over $2,000 and four huge boxes of quilts.  It is a small congregation with a huge heart for missions. The pastor is amazing and even leads the worship band and plays guitar.

He spoke of how we all need to be missionaries in our neighborhoods, to our families and friends and strangers that we meet. It was a great worship, and I am so blessed to have their support.

Their youth group raise $370 and had t-shirts on with a photo of the orphans.  A few woman came up to me and asked me what else we need, like pillowcase dresses, and to let them know what else they can do for us. One woman, a visitor, asked me to make a list of needs and she will ask her work to collect things for us.  I thank God for this church that supports our mission!

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