I have been back in Michigan for a week.  It is so hard to leave. Some of the kids cry.  Stanley asked me what were they suppose to do without me.  It is hard having two homes and two different lives!  I know the kids are fine, as Polly and Steve Ackerman and his Mom and their three kids arrived in Haiti for two weeks. Steve and Polly are adopting Wesley and Marc.  Polly has been to Haiti four times and her husband has been twice so they will do great at the orphanage. They are awesome people!

For the month of July, two college kids from Moody will be staying there.  Fiona will be teaching the American summer school and Peter will be working with the boys and doing some electrical and plumbing work.  He will also work with Marcus, the Haitian young man we hired to live at the orphanage to help with the boys.

God seems to be opening the floodgates of Heaven on us and the blessings are pouring in.  I just keep thanking Him for all He provides.

It is so good to have some time with my husband here in Michigan. He worked in Antarctica all winter. He, too, has a huge heart for the orphanage and children, and I could never do this without Jesus and my husband’s support.

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