July 5, 2017:  I am back in Haiti!!! The kids made a beautiful soccer field on our new land and the neighbors come to play.

July 7, 2017:  Thanks to God and Pastor Darrell Cheek from Atlanta we had a medical team come visit yesterday with two awesome Haitian doctors that examined everyone and they are returning with the medications that we need. I am focusing on all the blessings and not the problems and this was a huge huge blessing!! God truly is amazing!
July 9, 2017:  Busy day today. First meeting was with a social worker from Goniaves ( about 2 hours from here) who works for social services. We met with our new Haitian Administrator to accomplish the paperwork for a licensed orphanage!!! Social services did a surprise visit last week that lasted over 3 hours with 6 people. They inspected our home, interviewed some of the kids and nannies on a one to one and asked me so many questions. It went very well and we are now in their data base and should be licensed by fall!! Another praise God!!!
Then I met with Sammy who I’ve known for twenty years (since he was a young teen) and is always there to help me out. ( on the left) He set up a meeting with a government official to renew my permis and obtain the original deed to my land. I have a copy but it’s a long process to get the original.
After that the meeting at Life Connection School where 8 of our kids attend and 9 total in the fall. This is a huge blessing. Parents had to attend to get report cards. Stanley was a nervous wreck but of course passed with flying colors. I’m very proud of my kids. They take school very seriously and almost all of them want to contine on to college. We are all going out for chicken dinner to celebrate!! Bajina our new girl that recently had her leg amputated below the knee still came out #1 in her class at her school. Leg amputated on a Tuesday. The following Monday she was dressed and ready for school. Age 10 , third grade. Such a hard worker around the house too!!

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