Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors include:

    • Grace 4 Haiti (Grace Lutheran Church), Lexington, NE
    • Trinity Lutheran Church in Oscoda, MI
    • St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in La Mesa, California
    • Mark2Five Ministries
    • Jamie and Rachella Perrie from Minden, Nebraska
    • Steve and Polly Ackerman from Gothenberg, NE
    • Dr. Jeff and Maria Williams from Louisville, KY
    • Dr. Matthew and Sharron Davis from Texas
    • Dr. Jim and Judy Richards from Lincoln, MI
    • St. Paul Lutheran Church in Au Gres, MI
    • United Methodist Church inMerced, CA (United Methodist Women)
    • Zion Lutheran Church inBay City, MI
    • Faith Lutheran Church inBay City, MI
    • Faith Lutheran Church inPrescott, MI
    • Faith Lutheran Church Youth Group in Prescott, MI
    • Drs. Ken and Cheryl Tiojanco from Omaha, NE

Thank You and God Bless You!


We are known by the following names:

    • God’s Children Haiti
    • Bon Samaritan Orphanage

* Please note that we recently changed our name from “Bon Samaritan” to “God’s Children Haiti” because a couple of other entities started using our name internationally.  Nothing has changed in our operation, though.