Haiti in the News

On February 17, Haitian police arrested seven Blackwater-like security contractors a few blocks from the country’s Central Bank. Driving in unmarked vehicles and transporting semi-automatic rifles, drones, and other tactical equipment, the contractors claimed to be on a government mission. Four days later the US “rescued” them. None are expected [...]
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President Jovenal Moïse of Haiti has refused to bow to widespread demonstrations calling for his resignation. [...]
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An official said the ship appeared to be an American vessel engaged in people-smuggling. [...]
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Years since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti: 9 Estimated number of aftershocks that measured 4.5 or greater: 59 Number of people who died in the earthquake, according to Haitian government: 316,000 Number of people displaced: 1,300,000 Number of people who remained in internally displaced persons camps, as of September 2017: 37,867 Estimated population of [...]
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For months, an anti-corruption movement has been growing, aided by social media and peaceful street protests. But tensions are rising as the government turns to repression. [...]
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Following extensive renovations, some of the region’s most beloved resorts are now more enticing than ever. [...]
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