Haiti in the News

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 19 children from one orphanage were flown to the U.S. to be adopted by American families. One would later meet President Trump. [...]
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People from countries like El Salvador and Haiti who won temporary protected status after fleeing natural disaster and war can be forced to return home, a federal appeals court ruled. [...]
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In English An Novanm 2019, nan kad sipò li pou PNH, Biwo Entènasyonal Dwòg ak Aplikasyon Lalwa nan Depatman Leta Ameriken bay bay lapolis yon kontra $73,000 pou pwovizyon “kit anti-manifestasyon” pou inite lapolis ki chaje kontwòl foul, CIMO, daprè enfòmasyon ki genyen nan baz done kontra gouvènman Ameriken. Nan komansman ete [...]
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An kreyòl In November, 2019, as part of its support for the Haitian National Police (HNP), the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) awarded a $73,000 contract for the provision of “riot gear kit[s]” for the police’s crowd control unit, CIMO, according to information contained in [...]
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He ran Haiti’s first cellular network, which he saw as a way of raising the voices of ordinary citizens, in Haiti and the United States. He died of the novel coronavirus. [...]
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Luego de que un gran terremoto azotó Haití, una joven recurrió desesperada a un sacerdote vudú. Nunca se imaginó lo que ocurriría después. [...]
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