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Updates on the new orphanage construction – Spring 2018

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The New orphanage is slowly being built! (Spring 2018)

Our first ” cottage” is being built on my new land. The walls are not cement blocks but thick stryofoam walls covered with cement on the inside and outside. This little house is earthquake, hurricane proof and much cooler than cement blocks. The builders are from Port au Prince so they stay at our house and we feed them. They are great with the special needs kids. The cost for one cottage is about $9,500 and we need 5 more and then two small two story houses. God willing we can build this year and finally stop paying rent.

None of this is possible without your help. Our first cottage is Built With Love by The Gym Station and that will be painted above the door.

The bathrooms ( not finished yet)

We have two wells on the new land.  This one you dont need electricity. You hand pump it so if our generator or solar power doesnt work for a while we will always have great water!!

The Blessings from Stanley

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My husband and I found Stanley on the street 8 years ago. He lived with his grandma. She would put him in school but he wouldn’t go and threw his books in the garbage. He was a street fighter. He started following us everywhere in his long sleeved flannel pajamas that he wore 3 consecutive days until I bathed him and gave him shoes and clothes. Mark said he will be your first orphan in your new place and he was.  We used very tough love.  My husband works in Antarctica while I am here. Last week I emailed him and told him how Stanley made a complete change. When Mark asked what made him change I asked Stanley to do a letter to him. I thank God for filling this 16 year old young man with the Holy Spirit. This one letter makes all my struggles and frustrations in Haiti so worth it. Thank You Heavenly Father!!!!!! I just want to serve You Lord. This is my best Christmas present.

Sammie Update: November 2017

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Remember Sammy the little boy that the police ?? He laid in St Marc hospital for 6 months. Look at him now. His ETV hydrocephalus surgery was successful and he even talks a little now and knows our names. A miracle child!!!! He can’t walk or sit up on his own but he’s gaining strength. He is the happiest little boy. I wish his parents could see him now.GRACE………


Yesterday I drove Samuel Mark Adams to Port au Prince for his hydrocephalus checkup.

Sammy had ETV surgery instead of a shunt.

I dreaded the drive because it’s so hard driving here and Port au Prince is one huge traffic jam. I dreaded the wait at the hospital because you can literally wait 6-7 hours with many other hydrocephalus children. It’s horrible trying to park at that very crowded hospital. oh this was going to be torture!!

I woke up that morning and asked God for grace. To please change my attitude and help me thru this day. After all I am a child of God and He’ll help me if I trust and ask. I left with a smile on my face thanking and praising Him.

The drive was easy, roads were pretty clear. No where to park but I was allowed to park in Hay Track office lot because I went in their office and asked. The man graciously gave me a spot, informed security and said that is my spot from now on.

Sammy is doing great and can say our names and knows us. The doctor, praise God. knows perfect English and was amazed at his progress and CT scan. No more surgeries and he will continue to get better. He can learn to hold up his head and may even walk one day.

We were out of there by 10:30 am. That never happens!

Yes, I was given Grace by the One who wants to help us but we need to ask and believe. Why can’t I change my attituse everyday??!! I’m working on that.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!!! We have so so much to be thankful for.

Happy blessed first Thanksgiving to my new grandaughter Audrey Eve Hume born 5 weeks early. I cant wait to get home to meet our precious miracle baby.

God bless you all !!


Sept 2017: Guerlande News

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Last Saturday Wings of Hope picked Guerlande and I up at Wurtsmith Airforce Base and flew us to Shriners Children Hospital in St Louis MO. I want to thank our pilots and everyone involved in helping us get there!!

Shriners had it all arranged!! We were picked up and takes to the Haven House which is a wonderful place to stay when you’re from out of town and need medical care in St Louis.

Then we were chauffered again Monday morning to Shriners for our appointments. What an amazing place!!!! We had a beautiful room and she was seen and treated by specialists, highly skilled nurses, occupational and physically therapy, radiology and dieticians. She had extensive labwork and everything was paid for by Shriners.

Guerlande loved it there. She received prizes and gifts, went to recreation time with many activities and made new friends. They make it so fun for kids.

We we’re blessed to have her Aunt Jaimie come visit us. Jaimie is adopted from Haiti, lives in Canada and recently found her biological family including her niece Guerlande whom Jaimie dearly loves and Jaimie is a nurse.

Dr. Whyte does research on Guerlande’s disease and she has participated in his research since last year, her first visit. Although there isn’t any cure now they are working on her extremely rare disease.

We were taught so much about it. How to better care for her, what to expect, the importance of monitoring her calcium intake, exercises she needs to do, how we can help her live a better life with her handicaps and things to watch for.

I want to thank everyone involved and our greatest thanks goes to our Heavenly Father who ordained all of this and made it happen. When I get nervous or stressed and Guerlande notices she clears her throat at me and points up reminding me God has His hand in this!

She blesses me more than I could ever bless her. My little angel that never complains or feels sorry for herself. Please pray for her as we must return to Haiti next week. She can return in two years for another visit to Shriners and sooner if she has problems.

Thank you to everyone including ALL of you that support God’s Children Haiti and thank You JESUS!!!!!!

August 2017: Benjina

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Benjina got her new leg on Monday and she also tested to go to the best academic school in Montrouis. Life Connection School where the majority of my kids attend. Thank You Jesus. We are totally blessed over and over!! Benjina just came to our orphanage last November. She is an amazing child!!!

July 2017

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July 5, 2017:  I am back in Haiti!!! The kids made a beautiful soccer field on our new land and the neighbors come to play.

July 7, 2017:  Thanks to God and Pastor Darrell Cheek from Atlanta we had a medical team come visit yesterday with two awesome Haitian doctors that examined everyone and they are returning with the medications that we need. I am focusing on all the blessings and not the problems and this was a huge huge blessing!! God truly is amazing!
July 9, 2017:  Busy day today. First meeting was with a social worker from Goniaves ( about 2 hours from here) who works for social services. We met with our new Haitian Administrator to accomplish the paperwork for a licensed orphanage!!! Social services did a surprise visit last week that lasted over 3 hours with 6 people. They inspected our home, interviewed some of the kids and nannies on a one to one and asked me so many questions. It went very well and we are now in their data base and should be licensed by fall!! Another praise God!!!
Then I met with Sammy who I’ve known for twenty years (since he was a young teen) and is always there to help me out. ( on the left) He set up a meeting with a government official to renew my permis and obtain the original deed to my land. I have a copy but it’s a long process to get the original.
After that the meeting at Life Connection School where 8 of our kids attend and 9 total in the fall. This is a huge blessing. Parents had to attend to get report cards. Stanley was a nervous wreck but of course passed with flying colors. I’m very proud of my kids. They take school very seriously and almost all of them want to contine on to college. We are all going out for chicken dinner to celebrate!! Bajina our new girl that recently had her leg amputated below the knee still came out #1 in her class at her school. Leg amputated on a Tuesday. The following Monday she was dressed and ready for school. Age 10 , third grade. Such a hard worker around the house too!!

May 2017

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Guerlande is doing great in Michigan. Her next appointment is at Shiner’s Children Hospital end of September.

We got a puppy and named him Boomer. Guerlande and Boomer are best friends.

March 4: 2017

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Praise God for Guerlande who just got accepted as a patient at University of Michigan hospital pediatric nephrology. She has an appointment April 17th. God answered our prayers and I’ll be bringing her home with me. She also has an appointment at Shriner’s Children Hospital where she will be admitted for 5 days in the research center because of her very rare disease Multicentric Carpotarsal Osteolysis

February 23, 2017: Meet Misrose

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This is our newest child Misrose. She was abandoned at St Marc hospital. The judge met us at the hospital to do the paperwork. Like Samuel I will give her a name ( last name) and birth date. She can speak and said she is 7. She is very hard to understand. She sure laughs out loud a lot then we get the giggles. She is very sweet and friendly. Another blessing added to our family.

Feb 12, 2017: Sammy had surgery

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Yesterday our Sammy had ETV hydrocephalus surgery in port au prince by an awesome neurosurgeon from Miami. Time will tell on how Sammy will function.  Sammy has made improvements already just from being cared for at our house. I’m so anxious to see his progress after surgery. God just contines to overflow us with blessings!!!